Thursday, January 21, 2010

What do you guys think?

Ok i'm too lazy to put all the links up here. But have you guys heard of the full-body scanner that Pres. Obama/treasury paid to be sent in major airports around the US (in response to the failed terrorist attack/attempt by Umar/Nigerian). Theres a controversy because it might invade privacy: the scan gives detailed images of your body (curves, breasts, penis, intimate piercings, etc). I spent like 1.5-2 hours reading diff opinions and articles and pictures (and inverts of pictures .... oh gosh!) and my opinion is that if they are going to use these full body scanners, TSA needs to be a lot more forthcoming and truthful about the information and what the images ACTUALLY look like and the capability of the computers (i.e. they say the pictures are deleted immediately and that the comps have no saving or sending capabilities, but other documents say otherwise). I know US govt has done a lot of sketchy things in the past with invasion of privacy but I feel pretty uncomfortable knowing theres a random guy sitting alone in a room that i cant see looking at detailed pictures of my body. I dont know. Its just shady. I'm beginning to think I'd rather get a pat-down by a female officer than have the possibility of a sketchy officer I cant see get a cheap thrill out of scanned images. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I've been thru one of them in SFO Intl Airport (it was a trial run i think) last summer and I'm kinda mad that TSA didnt disclose that information earlier.

~super pissed and concerned JAppy

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