Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

One question for y'all. How do you say 2010? Twenty ten or two thousand ten?

I'm sitting here eating Milano cookies and reading your posts. I'm super excited this blog is happening because the book situation. I promise I will put more pictures of hot guys (once I figure it out lol).

Anyways, Evanston is like pretty boring. I always stay in my dorm and I wish I could go into Chicago but either the weather is horrible or there isn't enough time. *sigh* College is too much work and I'm the laziest person I know. Well, almost. So to all the high school seniors: make the best of the rest of your year and I'm very sure you'll get into great colleges!

Update: Went to SFO last night for the countdown and saw fireworks. There were happy faces! and so many colors! My ADD turned on and went wild. Couldn't think straight for a while.

Love to all of you! Hope you had an awesome vacation!

~Jappy :)


  1. Definitely twenty-ten. And happy new year to you too! Do you think the hyphen looks stupid?

  2. Oh, I could have just commented here, rather than in my insanely long blog post. Yes, I believe it's twenty-ten. And no, Chana, I used the hyphen as well!