Sunday, January 3, 2010
you all have to watch this. yes, because i said so. i'm going crazy out here in the cornfields because i'm up to my knees in snow. yup. suckology. anyway, i want you all to have an AMAZING 2010. i love you all and now, because i've had such fun reading all of your life updates, i am going to respond and give my own life update. AND AWAY WE GO! 1. katie-just go with your gut. we've had a lengthy phone discussion. I BELIEVE IN YOU. i also hid under your porch because i love you. ;) 2. japna-you most certainly are lazy but i love you and believe in you, too. you are the funniest person i've ever met and you are also crazy intelligent and know how to get something done. 3. chana and sandra-is it bugging the heck out of you yet that i'm refusing to use capitalization? muahahahaha.... love you. 4. chana-i love you for creating this blog. end of story. 5. esther-tell us more about korea! that sounds incredible! miss you! also, love your new year's resolution. keep us updated on how it goes.6. that was too many exclamation points for one bullet point, but esther is worth every one of them. :) 7. sandra-i think it is odd that you could not find size six in a particular shoe. i find them everywhere...and rarely find shoes big enough to fit my size ten feet...maybe we need to switch feet.8. time for updates. trying to remember how long it's been since i've talked to some of you is odd and a bit disconcerting because it makes me realize HOW FREAKING LONG IT'S BEEN FOR SOME OF US! this is not good. so, i'm just going to go over my life since RIBS. 9. junior year sucked like no other because i realized how stupid people were.10. totally procrastinated on college apps but have them all done and i've been accepted at uw-madison so i'm going SOMEWHERE. also, i'm interviewing at johns hopkins on feb. 15. wish me luck! 11. i have a boyfriend. :) his name is peter and he is and has always been a wonderful friend and person. he makes me want to love life. 12. i went back for RIBS 2. intense, amazing, fabulous experience and i know for sure i want to go into research. watching flies have sex all summer can be very inspiring, i know. 13. my new year's resolution is to KICK THE CRAP OUT OF THE CHICAGO MARATHON IN 2010!!! i'm running like a beast. it is wonderful. 14. i made a quilt for my mommy and it actually turned out okay. i'll post pictures soon. 15. senior year is busy sucking away but it's not that terrible because i just don't care as much anymore about people being my friend. if people can't appreciate my friendship properly, then they can go screw themselves about their loss. 16. i watched the movie 500 days of summer and LOVED it. except for the end. i still highly recommend it 17. i made up the word "bloglet" to describe our posts. that's all for now. LOVE YOU ALL! <3, maddy


  1. 1) tell us more about peter. i need to know about mah competition!
    2) in "500 days if summer" joseph gordon-levitt is pretty cute
    3) im sensing something wrong with your freidnships/relationships in your high school. you wanna tell us or should i call?



    Don't get me wrong: I despise Bill O'Reilly. But I think that this is a really funny version of that clip.