Thursday, January 21, 2010

What do you guys think?

Ok i'm too lazy to put all the links up here. But have you guys heard of the full-body scanner that Pres. Obama/treasury paid to be sent in major airports around the US (in response to the failed terrorist attack/attempt by Umar/Nigerian). Theres a controversy because it might invade privacy: the scan gives detailed images of your body (curves, breasts, penis, intimate piercings, etc). I spent like 1.5-2 hours reading diff opinions and articles and pictures (and inverts of pictures .... oh gosh!) and my opinion is that if they are going to use these full body scanners, TSA needs to be a lot more forthcoming and truthful about the information and what the images ACTUALLY look like and the capability of the computers (i.e. they say the pictures are deleted immediately and that the comps have no saving or sending capabilities, but other documents say otherwise). I know US govt has done a lot of sketchy things in the past with invasion of privacy but I feel pretty uncomfortable knowing theres a random guy sitting alone in a room that i cant see looking at detailed pictures of my body. I dont know. Its just shady. I'm beginning to think I'd rather get a pat-down by a female officer than have the possibility of a sketchy officer I cant see get a cheap thrill out of scanned images. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I've been thru one of them in SFO Intl Airport (it was a trial run i think) last summer and I'm kinda mad that TSA didnt disclose that information earlier.

~super pissed and concerned JAppy

Monday, January 18, 2010


i hate studying. soooo much. the next person to talk to me about how they are enjoying their day off will have me going carnival freak crazy on their ass. i don't know what to do anymore. somebody kill me before calculus does. please.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I would just like to say that I/we/some of us are finally SECOND SEMESTER SENIORS! I can finally start working on my New Year's Resolution.. which I will now have time to make. This big blank white space is really intimidating since I normally don't write very much. I don't really have much to say..ummm I had this dream the other day that I invented the next big thing, but of course, now I can't remember it. Good story right? Yeah I know. Hmm... I guess I've been feeling kind of guilty lately. Not guilt but something along those lines. It could be that bank I robbed the other day... Nahh. But in all seriousness, I do feel like I'm lugging around a giant boulder of awfulness. I wish they would have told me it weighed 50 lbs before I signed up for this job.

Anyways, on a positive note, I have an interview for Northwestern on Saturday. Ahh I am not ready yet! I should probably wear a Harvard shirt for good luck ;)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life Update

So, I had a really spectacular day today, and I want to tell you all about it. I had a debate tournament at the end of last quarter, so I wasn't able to take my math final. I had to talk to some administrators, jump through some hoops and do other sorts of things, but eventually it was agreed upon that I would just take an incomplete for the course until I took the final the first week of winter quarter, which wouldn't you know it, started on Monday. Anyway, I've been worrying about this test ALL WEEK, studying a lot, freaking out a lot and generally not looking forward to it. But I took it today, from 5:30 to 7:30 and I am DONE! I think it went pretty well, though I don't know. Interestingly enough, there were a few problems that I completely overanalyzed and thought were harder than they were, but eventually I figured it out. That happens to me more often than I'd like to admit, actually. Anyway, I'm done, and it's great. What's also nice is how cool my professor is. He rewrote the final (it had my name on it, and I got to keep it!) for me, stayed an hour past his normal office hours to proctor my exam and was generally just really nice and accommodating. Cool guy, which makes me happy.

Also, I got to close a case for Project Health! I volunteer for this organization in which I connect people to resources like utilities help, housing and employment. Generally, we try to give them access to already available resources, usually government programs, but sometimes we go on craigslist and sites like that because often our clients have no internet access. Anyway, I helped this one woman with an outstanding utilities bill and it's the first case I've been able to properly close, so that's super exciting!!

Anyway, that's what's up with me.


Sunday, January 3, 2010
you all have to watch this. yes, because i said so. i'm going crazy out here in the cornfields because i'm up to my knees in snow. yup. suckology. anyway, i want you all to have an AMAZING 2010. i love you all and now, because i've had such fun reading all of your life updates, i am going to respond and give my own life update. AND AWAY WE GO! 1. katie-just go with your gut. we've had a lengthy phone discussion. I BELIEVE IN YOU. i also hid under your porch because i love you. ;) 2. japna-you most certainly are lazy but i love you and believe in you, too. you are the funniest person i've ever met and you are also crazy intelligent and know how to get something done. 3. chana and sandra-is it bugging the heck out of you yet that i'm refusing to use capitalization? muahahahaha.... love you. 4. chana-i love you for creating this blog. end of story. 5. esther-tell us more about korea! that sounds incredible! miss you! also, love your new year's resolution. keep us updated on how it goes.6. that was too many exclamation points for one bullet point, but esther is worth every one of them. :) 7. sandra-i think it is odd that you could not find size six in a particular shoe. i find them everywhere...and rarely find shoes big enough to fit my size ten feet...maybe we need to switch feet.8. time for updates. trying to remember how long it's been since i've talked to some of you is odd and a bit disconcerting because it makes me realize HOW FREAKING LONG IT'S BEEN FOR SOME OF US! this is not good. so, i'm just going to go over my life since RIBS. 9. junior year sucked like no other because i realized how stupid people were.10. totally procrastinated on college apps but have them all done and i've been accepted at uw-madison so i'm going SOMEWHERE. also, i'm interviewing at johns hopkins on feb. 15. wish me luck! 11. i have a boyfriend. :) his name is peter and he is and has always been a wonderful friend and person. he makes me want to love life. 12. i went back for RIBS 2. intense, amazing, fabulous experience and i know for sure i want to go into research. watching flies have sex all summer can be very inspiring, i know. 13. my new year's resolution is to KICK THE CRAP OUT OF THE CHICAGO MARATHON IN 2010!!! i'm running like a beast. it is wonderful. 14. i made a quilt for my mommy and it actually turned out okay. i'll post pictures soon. 15. senior year is busy sucking away but it's not that terrible because i just don't care as much anymore about people being my friend. if people can't appreciate my friendship properly, then they can go screw themselves about their loss. 16. i watched the movie 500 days of summer and LOVED it. except for the end. i still highly recommend it 17. i made up the word "bloglet" to describe our posts. that's all for now. LOVE YOU ALL! <3, maddy

Greetings and Talk of Class Schedules!

Hey everyone!

Let me start by saying I miss you all and I really love this idea. And to answer Japna's question, I believe you're supposed say "twenty-ten." The only reason I think this is because of that awful 2012 film: all of the trailers proclaimed that the movie was called "twenty-twelve."

I don't want to immediately sound like a downer, but I'm kind of glad that 2009 is over. It was a bad year for me in general. (Mostly because I didn't get to see any of you ladies!) Please feel free to call or email me directly for details if you absolutely need to know them.

But right now, I am sitting in my kitchen looking over next semester's class schedule. I can't believe I only have 4 more days of break! I'm only taking 15 credits next semester. But before you call me a lazy bum, here's why I'm doing it:

So last semester, I took a total of 18 credits: 5 for Chem I (4 credits for lecture and 1 credit for lab), 4 credits for Bio I (all for lecture, lab grades were factored into that.) 3 credits of Honors English, 4 credits of Calculus II, 1 credit of a class called Research and Info Skills (It was a total non-class. We met once a week and learned how to use Microsoft Word. Yay?) and 1 credit of Pre-Professional Pharmacy Seminar I (another non-class that met once per month where the only requirement was that I attend.) Whew!

Next semester, I'm taking Chem II and Bio II, which are both worth the same amount of credits as they were last semester. I am also taking Pre-Professional Pharmacy Seminar II, but it isn't worth any credits next semester. So that means that I will have to take the remaining 9 credits as CORE classes, like Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.

Now, my point: last semester involved far less work. And that's a big problem. How? Two of my super easy credits are gone (Pharmacy Seminar and R&I Skills) and Calculus was worth 4 credits, so it's as if I were adding another whole class to my schedule. And, since they are CORE courses, I will actually have to *gasp* write papers! I know, it's really not so bad having to write papers, and I'm actually kind of good at writing. But last semester, I only had to write a grand total of 4. If I were to take two more CORE courses, I would be tripling the amount of paper writing.

Plus, another small detail: I was hired as a lab assistant for one of the Biology professors! I'm super excited, but since we have not yet worked out a schedule, I have no idea how much time per week she is going to want me to work. I know it's quite selfish and unnecessary, and it is basically rearranging my schedule, and, therefore, my entire life, but I really love working in the lab. (I know we all know that feeling.)

So here's what I'm doing: I have signed up for just 2 of those CORE classes (Health Care Ethics and Honors Philosophy). Yes, my paper writing will be doubled, but it's a small price to pay for a lot more time. Add that to 5 credits of Chem II and 4 credits of Bio II (plus recitations in each class for which I receive no credit) and there's my schedule! I love being busy.

"But Katie," you ask, "What of the 3 missing credits? You need 18 per semester to graduate, and you only have 15 on the schedule, you silly goose!"

Well, ladies, I have the best solution ever. Since this problem will only repeat itself next semester, (I'll have to take 3 CORE classes as well as Organic Chemistry and Physics) I have decided to take two CORE classes over the summer. One for this semester, and one for next semester. I'll probably retain my job over the summer, which means I'll have to be at school anyway, plus I can devote all of my attention to those summer classes rather than squeeze out essays the morning they are due because I was busy writing lab reports the night before... Yes, I did write a lot of "morning-of" essays. No, I'm not proud of that fact. Yes, I did get A's on every last one of them so be jealous!

Do any of you think that this is a good idea? Because it isn't too late for me to just take the damn CORE class this semester.

So yeah. Wow.

In retrospect, I feel rather selfish for writing such a long post about nothing really significant. Regardless, I'm in a real crisis here. I feel stupid for not just swallowing the pill and taking all of my required credits this semester, so, if it's not too much to ask, I just need some moral support.

Thank you all, and I really hope to see some of you again eventually. Which is why we need another reunion. Would anyone like to come to Pittsburgh? It's a great city, I promise.

Love always,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

One question for y'all. How do you say 2010? Twenty ten or two thousand ten?

I'm sitting here eating Milano cookies and reading your posts. I'm super excited this blog is happening because the book situation. I promise I will put more pictures of hot guys (once I figure it out lol).

Anyways, Evanston is like pretty boring. I always stay in my dorm and I wish I could go into Chicago but either the weather is horrible or there isn't enough time. *sigh* College is too much work and I'm the laziest person I know. Well, almost. So to all the high school seniors: make the best of the rest of your year and I'm very sure you'll get into great colleges!

Update: Went to SFO last night for the countdown and saw fireworks. There were happy faces! and so many colors! My ADD turned on and went wild. Couldn't think straight for a while.

Love to all of you! Hope you had an awesome vacation!

~Jappy :)