Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years, 2010!

Hey guys! I am going to be posting from my own username because I just like things better like that :D

Anyway, I would like to be the first one to officially wish everyone on Team LEx an exceedingly happy 2010.

And I shall give you my latest life update while I'm at it.... starting from yesterday.

Yesterday, I took a train into NYC. As I was standing in line in Penn Station, some random girl came up behind me and grabbed my shoulders. I turned around and saw Chana. (Alright, I suppose I must mention the fact that this was planned.)

Anyway Chana's (amazing) mother took us to a diner for lunch, where I voraciously consumed a wrap and we shared a dulce de leche cheesecake. And then Chana and I went wandering around the city and Macy's men's store talking about... various topics. Like boys...

And then Chana had to leave, so I decided to go shopping. Which basically entailed me wandering in and out of about a dozen stores and trying on some things and then looking at the price tags and giving up. At one point I was determined to buy some really cute boots, but they didn't make them in my size. (Yay small feet?) Although I did buy some converses, which DO come in size 6, thank you.

Then I got on another train, where the huge guy sitting next to me saw my UChicago sweatshirt and asked if I was returning from college at Chicago. This one brought me to Philadelphia and my grandparents' house!

Today, we visited a museum, went out for Chinese food, watched Rent (my first time seeing it), saw the ball drop on TV, and drank champagne. Happy New Year, everyone!!

Love to all of you,

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