Thursday, December 31, 2009

The book as blog

Hello, everyone.

This is a blog. It is a reincarnation of the dead notion of a communal book. It was a lovely idea, thought up by none other than our own Madeline, but it unfortunately met an untimely demise somewhere in some post office or in the deep recesses of our minds where we forget about the ambitious projects upon which we embarked. So this is the new format. We all have the password and access to the blog. We talk about whatever we like, with pictures, videos and anything else we want to add. We can keep it as just the RIBS girls, although I personally vote that Maura James, whom many of you have spoken to, and even perhaps a member of that foul male gender, Khristian Erich, be allowed to add as well. Though, to be honest, he probably won't do it anyway what with the time commitment of *MIT* (asterisks in this case denote a snotty, supercilious tone). This could be a really fun way to keep everyone updated on our lives, and what's great about this particular method is that there's no pressure to post, and what's written can be any genre. I'd love to see what you've been up to, what you've been thinking about, a rant after you see an obnoxious advertisement or a difficult movie, pictures of people you've been crushing on, whatever. We might even need code names if very personal things come up! Also, it would be great if we commented on each others' posts.
So, tell me what you think!

Also, some explanations. This blog is called Team Laser Explosion, but this is a new form, with new people and new ideas, so don't feel like it's just a continuation of that specific brand of amazingness. Also, sign blog posts with your name so that we know who's posting. There's an automatic signature that I had to choose because that's how this works, so I just picked Marie Curie because she's a famous female scientist etc. etc. Any questions?



  1. I would like to say that I absolutely love this idea. I am going to have to figure out blogging though, being the totally technologically impaired person I am. Also, even if our dear book has been converted into a blog, I still want to know where it is. Just to know. Also, Maura and KE would be lovely additions to our group. Have a happy new year, everyone!
    ~Maddy (because someday I WILL be a famous female scientist)

  2. This sounds wonderful :) Blogging and Team LEx, my two favorite things in the world mushed together...

    Can you add us as authors, pleasee?